First Time in South East Asia

Since I have a lot of friends from Indonesia, and I was actually learning their language by amazing teacher Busrja Sampono and I could always hear from him some interesting stories about the culture, food, religion and happiness of the people of that part of the globe. I always dreamed to go there. This time I visited Malaysia, but it was pretty much I would say similar lifestyle.

Learned about the previous experiences I knew this would be an adventure for itself. It all started when I landed in tropical Kuala Lumpur. I was about to meet my friend from the Chech Republic and my roommate for this journey.

After a few delays in finding how to get to Kuala Pilah, we finally arrived. The club was very cute with 2 squash courts and golf area…On one of the days of the tournament, we were privileged to be seen by the king of that area which was pretty much cool. We were amazed by the hospitality and with various fruits and vegetables, we saw for the first time. One day on our way back to the hotel the driver asked us if we tried durian. After he saw our negative reaction he stopped on the road at the local sellers. Since they wanted to impress us by giving us the best ones, the guy went on his moto and into the palm forest to bring us some fresh durians…You should google it to read more about it because it was really something special 🙂 and I kinda liked the taste (not the smell of course).

Our next stop was to go back to the jungle called Kuala Lumpur. Two of us barely fit all of our gear into the taxi but after 2 hours drive, we were in the city…The weather forecast was amazing in one day you can have sun, thunderstorm, rain and wind, all in one day but to be honest I love their weather especially after I found out they never had less than 20 degrees C. The one thing I couldn’t get used to is their super spicy food. We had a really nice hotel in the city centre, with the pool and the gym, so we could train a lot.
The overall impression is that I would like to be back especially during the period when weather back home is pretty harsh.
I am very happy with my time in KL and this trip was definitely a step in the right direction after all the stuff happening back home.
Thank you for reading my first post and keep up with my work.



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